Sun Prairie Moving Company

For a good number of years Sun Prairie WI movers was known for its home movers and trailer manufacturers. The Sun Prairie family owned the company, but they had an arrangement with the manufacturer to only produce the trailer units that were sold to their customers. The company was known to sell high quality products at a reasonable price. Many families moved to Sun Prairie from other areas just to be closer to their new home.

Many Sun Prairie families who lived in the area were still living in a trailer when the company was purchased by the General Motors Company in the 1930s. GM bought the Sun Prairie company in order to manufacture truck parts for its new pickup trucks.

The Sun Prairie company continues to make many of its best-known products, but they are no longer manufactured in the home area. They are made in other areas, including Michigan and Tennessee. They also own the company known as Waverly Moving Company. This company still makes quality trailers, but they also have offices in both Tennessee and Michigan.

Some of the trailers manufactured by Sun Prairie are still on the market today. They are made by the same company that made the original Sun Prairie trailers, the same trailer manufacturer that brought these trailers to the world. They also have a trailer manufacturing facility in Michigan. This facility was founded in 1932, and it is still in operation today. They make the most of the space is a premium in this manufacturing area.

There is not much left in the Sun Prairie trailer manufacturing area other than the name of the company. This name has been used for many years, but is not the same company that it was years ago. The company was known for quality products, but they also did make some of the more popular moving companies in the United States.

The Sun Prairie family is still the largest shareholder in Sun Prairie Moving Company. They also own Sun Prairie Moving Company, the trailer manufacturing facility, and Waverly moving Company. They do have a truck manufacturing facility, but their best-known product is their trailer parts. The parts that they manufacture are made in both Tennessee and Michigan. Sun Prairie Moving Company still makes many of their trailers in the same family owned facility that was known for quality trailers.