Kitchen Islands Solve the Space Problems

kitchen cartEven the largest kitchen can seem cramped if you don’t have the counter space that you need. Kitchen Islands are the way to solve the lack of counter space in your kitchen. Kitchen carts, portable islands, or kitchen islands have become remarkably popular over the past few years, simply by virtue of the fact that they help to add counter space to your kitchen.

Typically located in the center of your kitchen, a John Boos kitchen island can be literally anywhere at all. They can work as a table for a fast meal, serve as a breakfast bar when you’re in a hurry and grabbing a fast bite, and are available to you in literally any style or topping that you might like.

The kitchen islands which are becoming most popular today are those which offer not only counter space, but also storage areas and a great counter top surface that permits you to chop, to cook, or to roll out a pie with equal ease and clean up quickly and easily. Some of the newer types of kitchen island are on wheels to easily put them where you want them, while others, usually those which are fitted out with power, are stationary.

The three most commonly purchased types of kitchen islands are  the built in variety, the kitchen carts type, and the butcher block variety.

The more common type which is purchased today is the stationary kitchen island. These  offer you a wide array of choices so far as the counter tops, ranging from a thick wood block to a granite top counter, or even stainless steel. The stationary variety gives you a great deal more leeway for customizing the product, for getting the power and other items that you may want, but do not, of course, move around the kitchen.

Kitchen Carts are also called a mobile island or mobile kitchen island. These come with wheels, offer you a place to work and then the means to push it out of the way once you’ve completed the job at hand, and place the kitchen island where you like. In spite of being on wheels, mobile kitchen islands today are very heavily built and are available with a wide array of counter tops to choose from.

A butcher block island is named for the very thick, very sturdy kind of topper that it has. The top of the butcher block island is normally made of special hardwoods. These islands also normally house places to hang cutlery and will usually offer storage space below, although not as much as a normal custom kitchen island that is built into your floor.

Your selection of the right kitchen island for your needs will depend of course, on what your needs are for the product, but rest assured that no matter what kind of space dilemma you’re trying to solve, there is a kitchen island out there that will give you a viable solution.