7 Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor FurnitureYour casual outdoor furniture does more than just look good, it’s practically your whole summer life out of doors! With so many reasons to take good care of it, where do you begin? Here are seven important ways to take good care of your casual outdoor furniture, to make sure it lasts for you and your family, season after season.

  1. Add A Coat of Paint

Some specialty paints have serious UV filters, meaning your furniture will be protected from sun-fading. Adding paint can be a great way to customize the look of your furniture, too. Be sure to select an appropriate paint for the material you’re covering and the outdoor elements.

  1. Try an Outdoor Varnish

A clear varnish will protect your set, but isn’t likely to alter the original color. This can be the most favorable option for many, when you don’t want to change the appearance of what you bought. It’s also easy to use a varnish to touch-up areas of the furniture that may see the most wear, such as arm rests and the area of the legs closest to the ground.

  1. Finish with A Water Sealant

Water sealant is always a good idea, but particularly if you live in an area that has a heavy rain season. The sealant will keep the water out, for the most part, allowing the furniture to last longer and look better in the process.

  1. Situate The Furniture in The Right Location

If your casual outdoor furniture is set out in the glaring sun, it may succumb to fading much faster, even with a protective coating on it. Therefore, you’ll want to keep it somewhere the sun isn’t shining on it all day long. Also, consider things like sap that may fall from the trees, marring the furniture or necessitating extra cleaning jobs for you.

  1. Take Your Climate into Consideration Before Buying Casual Outdoor Furniture

Some sets are made for a particular climate, so it’s important to research your materials or speak with a sales person first. Also, if you live in a more arid climate, you’re not necessarily going to need a water sealant; thus, it’s important to consider all factors as you make your decision and take steps to care for the furniture after buying it.

  1. Cover The Pieces to Protect Them

Your outdoor pieces will last much longer and look much better, too, if you can keep them covered when not in use. There are many stylish options to choose from, so don’t automatically think covering will look drab or even unappealing.

  1. Clean After Major Events

Keeping your furniture cleaned up will also help it hold its gorgeous look for longer, so be quick to spiff up after parties or drips and spills. Outdoor fabrics need special care, but can often handle stronger cleaning methods than their indoor counterparts. Just read the labels and keep up with stains. Also, be careful not to allow water to sit anywhere on the cushions, such as in cracks where buttons and seems are sewn; standing water may lead to mold stains, which can be tough to remove after a while.

Don’t take chances with your casual outdoor furniture – take good care of it. You want it to look as good in a few years from now as it did when you first bought it and you want to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible. If only summertime lasted as long as your well-made outdoor furniture!